The Darker My Horizon – Review

darker my horizon The Darker My Horizon – Aquiesce

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Reviewed by Paul Nicholls

Formed late last year (2014) , The Darker My Horizon , by ex members of Sacred Heart ( Paul Stead (Lead Vocals / Guitar and Mark Stephenson (Lead / Rhythm Guitars ) joined by Gavin Tester(Drums) Max Notaro (Bass) and Alan Kirkham ( Acoustic / Additional Guitar) List their influences as Nickelback , Jovi , Europe , Whitesnake , Hinder and a host of heavy hitters.
You might think with such a diverse list of influences that the music might be a mish mash of disjointed styles , yet , and here is the difference between an influence and a direction, The Darker My Horizon have come up with a cohesive and distinctive sound of their own .
Drawing on all the above influences and a heavy dose of classic British Rock Aquiesce delivers crunching guitars when needed and subtlety in equal measures . Sounding very much like a band that has been releasing albums for a good while , the album is accomplished and polished ( but not too much) . There is still dirt beneath the nails of this band . When they decide to show a softer side as on “I Can’t Save You” they do so while avoiding the classic clichés , great chorus , great harmonies ( but not overblown and unreproducable live) .
Very much a live band , The Darker My Horizon are often to be found playing around the UK ( go see them if they appear near you)
A very good debut album which is deserving of a wider audience and should please fans of latter day Europe and still have the power to interest fans of the newer crop of rockers , Aquiesce should have a place on your shelves.

CATS IN SPACE – Platinum Recommended