Review Tremonti – Cauterize

Tremonti - Cauterize TREMONTI
Released: June 9th, 2015
Label: FRET12

Reviewed by Jason M. Davies

While we wait for a follow up to Alter Bridge’s last album, 2013’s ‘Fortress’, fans can rest easy safe in the knowledge that band guitarist, Mark Tremonti has been quite busy with his second solo album ‘Cauterize’. Being a long time Alter Bridge fan as well as a fan of Tremonti’s first solo album ‘All I Was’, I have high hopes for this album. I hope that it will scratch the itch until the next Alter Bridge album but at the same time I want it to wow me as an album in it’s own right. So I sit with my headphones on, eyes closed and take everything in.
The album explodes into life with 1st track “Radical Change” but then you’d expect no less from the Grammy Award winning Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist. It grabs your attention right off the bat and refuses to let you go through catchy melodies, chorus lines and a thumping bass drum. Not every track is like this though. Some are heavy hitting ballads with the familiar chugging of a bass line like an old steam train or some warhorse plodding along, never missing a step in rhythm. The tracks, like familiar friends come over for a visit, and just like any group of friends, there is the odd curve ball in there to throw you off what you think is the norm. Mark has upped his game as singer of the solo project and tries a few new things, surely a result of him feeling more at ease with the spotlight of frontman upon him.
From start to finish, this album is a great listen. I highly recommend it for both fans of Alter Bridge and Tremonti’s first album. So did it scratch that itch? You bet it did! I now eagerly await next year’s ‘Dust’ and the as yet to be named Alter Bridge album but with Cauterize to keep me company.

Rating: 4 out of 5

CATS IN SPACE – Platinum Recommended