Review – Praying Mantis

PRAYING MANTIS legacy COVER Praying Mantis


Release 21st August 2015

Label – Frontiers Records

Reviewed By Paul Nicholls

Brothers Tino and Chris Troy , founders of the band all the way back in ’73 , you would be excused for thinking , have done their bit for rock music , releasing some classics over the years . They however obviously disagree launching what Frontiers are calling the best album the band have released to this point … BIG words !

Joined by new vocalist Jaycee Cuijpers and drummer Hans In’t Zandt with Andy Burgess completing the line up, “Legacy” kicks off with the lead single “Fight For Your Honour” a riotous rocker that gives the band a good run round the block , a new video is planned for this one that should be one to watch for! “The One” takes us into more familiar melodic territory which with great guitars vocals and great harmonies grabs from the outset . As a one/two follow up “Believable” takes the listener on a soaring ride !

Without dissecting the album song by song , there are great moments available here , sure to keep your attention throughout . Song writing quality is second to none with only some of the highlights mentioned here ( watch for “Better Man” a wonderful ballad ) One has to wonder after so many years in the game how the band manage to sound so fresh? Each track stands on its own merits and listening to the album passes really quickly , surely a mark of a great album, you know? When an album ends too soon?

Jaycee really sings superby on this album , perfectly suiting both the subject matter and able to provide the pyrotechnics when required , a real pleasure to hear . Musically , Praying Mantis are as “together” as ever , with some fine riffs and great solo work , bass and drums driving the ship along with aplomb.

In conclusion , this album truly may be the best from the band yet …..

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