Review – Ozone ‘Self Defence’

OZONE_SelfDefence_0 Ozone

‘Self Defence’

Release 25th September 2015

Label – Escape Music

Reviewed by Paul Nicholls

After a very ,very long wait , this much vaunted album is released this coming September , the main draw points being the voices of Chris Ousey and Steve Overland , arguably the best voices in the business . Teamed with guitars from Mike Slamer and Tommy Denander , this album screams for attention and dedicated listening .

From the outset , Mike Slamer is truly on top form , giving us what we have come to expect, classic riffs great solos and a presence on songs that is 100% recognisable and a welcome return.

Tommy Denander brings his trademark feel and playing to the album making the album musically an extravaganza . As both Tommy and Mike are credited with writing credits you have to assume that the songs have only benefited from this collaboration.

Now …. let us turn to the vocals … two of the best singers rock has to offer brought together in one place at one time on one album.. ladies and gentlemen the results are simply astounding . Have two voices ever melded so well ? I think not , a tour de force is on offer here . Neither singer outshining the other , instead both complement and make room for each other . Sensibly Chris and Steve have picked their parts well , reserving individual lines that suit each voice and allowing each to exploit their strengths .

Song wise the album is classic Melodic Rock with some superb songs ( the track So Blind really stands out from the bunch here) and is sure to stay on your player for some time …

If you are a fan of well written , performed and arranged songs , this album is for you !

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