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Kickstart Riot

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Reviewed By Paul Nicholls

Independent releases can be the lifeblood of rock music , they come and go , some sinking without trace , some floating to success .

For four Swedish guys collectively known as “Midway” we don’t require the services of Thunderbird 4 , no , we can find this albums happily bobbing along cresting the wave which is “Scandi-Rock” .

A nine track affair loaded with swagger and poise , great hooks , great playing and a real breath of air from Sweden . Firmly rooted in the 80’s sound , yet relevant and sounding up to date in 2015 .

From the outset , the album is full throttle and melodic , in fact things don’t really slow down till the 6th track “She’s Gone” which is a well sung well written rock ballad in the finest tradition with a lovely lead guitar run threaded thru the song … thing is by this time you have already heard five great tracks including the awesome “Come On Take Me” which was the first track I actually heard by the band .

When Swedish rock is starting to lean to a more polished sound , Midway retain the rawness that is the beating heart of Rock and the album , in my opinion , sounds all the better for it . Quite punky in places but in reality doesn’t stray too far from classic hard rock , which is no bad thing when you can do it this well .This is not a sickly sweet arranged to within an inch of its life album , no , this album sweats , swears from the stage and will ask your girlfriend out after the show . When the lead guitar is playing , there are so few overdubs it’s refreshing to be able to hear Exactly what the guitar is doing , it isn’t lost in layers of rhythm guitar  which obscures  the sound . The drums are monsterous in places , the bass just drills holes in your head , loud and proud, the vocals fit perfectly with that heady  mix of honey and barbed wire.

Unless I’m mistaken , recorded on a budget , the boys in Midway spent their pennies wisely and focused on songs and production as even thought sparse its well produced and a real gem .

These boys can play ,sing and write and if there is any justice should have a bright future . They can do it all , rock like a bitch , show a soulful side , arrange a great toe tapping tune and are likely to be on my stereo for a good while . Apparerntly the band plays live quite regularly in their home country so if you do see them venture out , do the decent thing and go see them , better yet open your wallet and make a purchase .

Rating 4/5

Available from , or the band themselves

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