Review – Lifeline – Scream

Lifeline Scream Lifeline – Scream

Escape Music

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Reviewed By Paul Nicholls

Nigel Bailey must be one of the busiest artists out there at the present time . Since hitting the limelight a few short years ago his output from his solo work to Three Lions etc has been phenomenal. In some cases you might expect the quality to drop off .. and understandably but on this new release , teamed with the exceptional talents of Mr Lee Small .. well … the man has outdone himself one more time .
A true duets album , Scream takes off for the stratosphere and in all honesty heads for orbit . The most surprising thing about this album is the ease with which it seems to manage it . Personally I thought , when I heard this album was in the pipeline was , wow brave move singing with Lee Small ( one of the very best in the business) but you know what? Nigel Bailey pulls it off perfectly if anything his vocals have risen to the challenge beautifully.
Musically this album is great !
Nigel and Lee are joined by Lawless Guitarist Paul Hume , who really makes a superb account of himself , fluid tuneful playing and solos which can take the paint off the walls , Steve Clarkson supplies Drum duties with Nigel brings in brother Andy to provide Keys .
Written in a short 6 months or so Nigel is quoted as saying …“I write the type of songs that I like to listen to, be that on the heavier side or a ballad, I never set out with a particular agenda, I just picked up my guitar and waited to see what came out, although the intention was to write material that would complement both Lee’s and my own vocal style.”
I would say that its mission accomplished here with 12 superb tracks , a true belter of an album !

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