Review – Cats In Space

CatsInSpaceTooManyGoods Cats In Space – Too Many Gods

Released Oct 30th

Harmony Factory/Cargo Records

Reviewed By Paul Nicholls

I have lived with three tracks from this album for some time now and was impressed a great deal by them . The band have been compared to ELO, Queen 10cc and New England . I’m here to tell you… what rubbish …

Cats In Space are better …… not a little … not a jot … a whole lot better . Yes they do take the feel of some of the classic rock we all fondly remember, yet where many retrospective bands fail because they bring nothing new to the table Cats In Space bring this forgotten era of Power Pop bang up to date adding to it a style and sheen that was sadly lacking in some of our favourite bands of yesteryear.
Instead , consider “Too Many Gods” as a reinvention of the genre . Yes, again  I realise that’s a bold statement but in my opinion there is no other description for it .
Are the songs that good? YES … a thousand times YES … From the title track which in effect opens the record , you are in for a musical journey the like of which you haven’t been on in a very long time.

Too Many Gods lifts off with power chords you thought music had forgotten , multi layered guitars and vocals which are simply gorgeous . Jeff Lynn wishes ELO had balls like this! Musically it’s a powerhouse with drumming in Pete Gill / Cozy Powell Territory . Just a superb track .
Mr Heartache , is a song which I guarantee will be bought by the bucket load and if it doesn’t have you tapping your feet, dentures ,dog , steering wheel etc AND singing along , then please, go see your doctor … there’s something amiss . The song also sees the band release their first video.
Superbly crafted radio friendly Power Pop that is reminiscent of why we all started listening to this stuff in the first place, because the writing and performance transcends the mediocre fare available on radio today and cries out to you of a better time when radio was a constant companion..getting the picture ?
Then without question a true masterpiece “ Greatest Story Ever Told” .
There are times when a band hits its stride and you can only watch as they lift off … this is such a moment. It moves, it soars, it screams, it cries its pain … its magnificent … I Have No Other Words ….
I’ve never heard Greg Hart play like this … Dean Howard and Greg play so well together .
In fact this band truly have opened my ears for the first time in a long time to something that is truly different from anything out there at the moment …
If you ever loved music with intelligence played with feel and belief that wasn’t afraid to be catchy and fun .. you’ll love this one … Mum , I can hear The Faces … 10cc…ELO,….. The Cats Have Landed ! Purrrrrrrrrfect !
As far as superlatives go … i’m running out … 11/10, 5 Stars , Top notch …

Buy it .

GREG HART – Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizer
PAUL MANZI – Lead vocals
STEEVI BACON – Drums, Percussion
JEFF BROWN – Bass guitar, Vocals
ANDY STEWART – Piano, Synthesizer, Vocoder, Wurlitzer

MICK WILSON – Guest Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keys
ANDY SCOTT – Guitar, Vocals
JANEY BOMBSHELL – Backing Vocals
MIKE MORAN – Orchestra arranger and performer, Piano, Organ

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