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Episode 314 – Can’t Stop KIX
Steve Whiteman from KIX ( ) returns to Focus on Metal this week to talk about their new CD/DVD release “Can’t Stop The Show: The Return of KIX”. It’s a great package well worth picking up and after hearing Steve talk about it we’re sure you’ll agree. Also this week we do a bit of music discovery with some artists from the past putting out new material. Track of the week is from Hammer King ( off their sophomore release “King is Rising”.


Episode 313 – The Elder – So this week we go in an interesting direction, KISS. Our guest this week is author and contributor Tim McPhate. Tim and Julian Gill recently put out “Odyssey, The Definitive Examination of Music From The Elder”. This is a 500 page behemoth of a book and it surely lives up to the title. We also get into a bit of a Vinnie Vincent discussion as well.


Episode 312 – Little Mountain Sound Part 11 – This week we finally wrap up our Little Mountain Sound Studio Project. We started interviews for this project back in August of 2014. We ran the first part of the project back on FoM 224 back in March of 2015 and 27 months after we started this we are finally wrapping it up. This week our guest is producer/engineer Mike Fraser. I mean come on who else could we possibly have as the last guest for the project than the guy that was so helpful in getting us in contact with some of the amazing people from the studio. It’s always great to have Mike on the show as he is a wealth of information and this week is no different. Big thanks go out to Mike as this project would not have happened without his help.


Episode 311 – Little Mountain Sound Part 10 –
This week we swing back to an artist perspective on our Little Mountain Sound Studio project as we bring you Richie’s interview with Blake Sakamoto. Blake played keyboards for The Dan Reed Network and was present for all their early recording including two albums that were done at Little Mountain Sound. Blake has a wealth of stories and has some cool memories of working at LMS.


Episode 310 – Rough Cutt -Last time we spoke with Paul Shortino was way back in July of 2013 on episode 138. At that time Paul was out promoting King Kobra II. Since that time Rough Cutt has had a rebirth and Paul is back to talk about that as well as everything else he’s been up to since we last spoke (
Track of the week is from Pure Legend artist Lightning Strikes from their S/T release (
And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.;


Episode 309 – Eden’s Curse – We last spoke to bassist and all around nice guy Paul Logue way back in episode 163 when Eden’s Curse ( ) released “Symphony of Sin”. This week Paul returns to FoM to talk about their latest one “Cardinal”.
Also this week we welcome legendary vocalist Frank DiMino ( ) to the show. Frank recently released “Old Habits Die Hard” under the DiMino moniker.
Produced by Paul Crook and featuring such guests as Oz Fox and Jeff Duncan, Frank has plenty to talk about with this release.


Episode 308 – Deja Voodoo – This week we welcome back Scott Leach of Crystal Ball to the show. Those guys recently released their ninth album “Deja Voodoo” and I caught up with Scott to get the full story on it. These guys are out on tour now in Europe with Shakra so be sure to check their site for dates near you. Also this week we have Steve Dadaian from New York Prog Metallers Pareidolia on to tell us all about what’s up in their world.


Episode 307 – Johnny Dee –
This week we welcome drummer Johnny Dee to the show. We managed to get Johnny on the line before he dashed off to Europe to rehearse for the upcoming European leg of Doro’s ”Love’s Gone To Hell” tour ( Johnny has also been busy this year with Britny Fox ( We discuss all this and more on this weeks episode of Focus on Metal. Track of the week is from Frontiers artist Pretty Maids from their latest “Kingmaker” (


Episode 306 – Resonate – Glenn Hughes returns to the show this week to celebrate the release of his latest album “Resonate”. As always Glenn is insightful and candid about the creation of the album, perhaps his finest yet. Also on the show this week is vocalist Urban breed from melodic power metal band Serious Black. They just released their sophomore effort “Mirrorworld”.

Track of the week is from AFM artists Iron Mask from their latest “Diabolica”


Episode 305 – Night Legion – The ever busy Stu “The Hammer” Marshall has a new band and this week he comes on the show to discuss all things Night Legion a killer new power metal band featuring Shannon Tipene on vocals. Their debut may still be months away but Stu was kind enough to give us a behind the scenes look at how things are shaping up. Also on the show this week we bring you German live powerhouse Stepfather Fred. They just released “Dummies, Dolls and Masters” and we had most of the band on for a lively discussion.

Track of the week is from AFM artists Brainstorm from their latest “Memorial Roots (Re-Rooted)”


Episode 304 – Shallow Ground – It’s our Halloween 2016 episode and what better way to celebrate than to bring you our talk with Keith from Shallow Ground. We did this chat way back in January right after they released “Embrace The Fury” on Killer Metal Records.


Episode 302 – Doro Pesch & Joey Vera –
We are bringing you a damn fine metal double header this week as we welcome Doro Pesch and Joey Vera for episode 302. We spoke with Doro after a killer performance on her Boston area tour stop. 30 years in and she shows no signs of stopping and is still as passionate as ever about metal and the fans. Doro will be kicking off her European leg of the tour on 24-Nov. Joey Vera makes his second appearance this week as we discuss the Armored Saint Pledge Music campaign, Fates Warning, and other metal topics.


Episode 301 – Master of Puppets 2 –
We continue our 300th episode celebration and the 30th anniversary celebration of Master of Puppets this week by welcoming former Death Angel drummer Andy V Galeon to the show. Being on the scene back in 86 gives Andy a unique perspective on MOP. Although no longer with Death Angel Andy is still hitting the skins. These days besides teaching drums he also plays with The Butlers and The Devil in California. Find him online at

Episode 300 – Master of Puppets – Another milestone passes this week as we roll out episode 300. We taken this opportunity to use this episode to celebrate another metal milestone that turns 30 this year, namely Metallica’s landmark release “Master of Puppets”. Released on March 3rd 1986 MOP changed the thrash game forever. This week we talk with author Joel McIver and MOP producer Flemming Rasmussen about the album and next week we’ll have original Death Angel drummer Andy Galeon continuing our MOP discussion. Stay tuned later in the year as we speak with MOP mixer Michael Wagener to wrap this one up.


Episode 299 – Seventh Calling – Who knew you would find some killer metal in South Dakota, but we did with Seventh Calling. These guys have been around since 2007 and just released their latest “Battle Call” a few months ago. I thought they were perfect for the show so I asked the main dude Steve Handel to come by for a chat. Wanna know more you can find Seventh Calling on Facebook at


Episode 298 – Texas Metal Underground –
As promised we are back from our break and ready to bring you your weekly dose of metal. This week we dig into the vault of audio and bring you our talk with the owner of Texas Metal Underground Records.
TMU is a great label bringing us stuff from Texas metal history that those of us outside of the state would probably never hear. You can find their website at


Episode 297 – Michael Sweet – Our annual summer break is upon us but before we take a few weeks off Michael Sweet returns to the show once again this week to talk about the imminent release of his latest solo album “One Sided War” due from Rat Pak on August 26th. He also talks about the upcoming Stryper 30th anniversary “To Hell With The Devil” tour and we even manage to fit in some gear talk too. Enjoy our talk with Michael and we’ll be back the week of Sept 12th with more metal goodness.

Michael can be found on the net at and the latest Stryper news and tour dates are at


Episode 296 – Cristina Scabbia – No drummers this week instead we bring you a chat we had with Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil, who recently released “Delirium” their 8th studio album. You can find out more about the band at
Also this week we have Andrew Whiteman from Red Tide Rising. They are at

Track of the week is from Elm Street, off their new one on Massacre records, “Knock Em Out With A Metal Fist”.


Episode 295 – Wild Mick Brown –
Our summer of drummers continues this week as we talk with Wild Mick Brown. Need I say more?
Connect with Mick at
And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.


Episode 294 – Cowboy Song – Something a little different this week as we feature a discussion we had with rock biographer Graeme Thomson. He recently wrote “Cowboy Song: The Authorized Biography of Philip Lynott” and this week we’ll talk all about it.


Episode 293 – Rod Morgenstein

This week our guest is drummer Rod Morgenstein. Rod is primarily known for his work with Winger however he’s active in several other bands including The Jelly Jam with Ty Tabor And John Myung. They just released their fourth disc “Profit” and are heading out on tour in support of it.

Rob’s site is at The Jelly Jam can be found at while you’re there check out their “Profit” bundles.


Episode 292 – The Dead Daisies

We caught up with Doug Aldrich just days before he was heading out with The Dead Daisies touring in support of their new one “Make Some Noise” due out any day now. Head to for tour dates and other info and point your browser to for news and merch from Doug.


Episode 291 – Mike Portnoy

After several missed connections we FINALLY were able to get an interview with the always busy Mike Portnoy.The guys currently in six bands so we gotta cut him some slack.The best place to keep up with all things Portnoy is at


Episode 290 – Carved in Stone

Widow ( ) just released “Carved in Stone” via Pure Steel Records and that means it’s time for Chris Bennett to do another guest host stint on Focus on Metal. So that’s what’s on tap this week as Chris and I discuss the new release as well as a ton of other metal topics. Settle in cuz as usual when Chris and I get talking this one’s a long one.


Episode 288 – Paul Gilbert –
It’s a very guitar-centric show this week as we bring you Paul Gilbert and Tyler Morris. Paul Just released his latest “I Can Destroy” and he’ll tell us all about it. I hear ya asking, who’s this Tyler Morris guy. Tyler is an up and coming player that’s shared the stage with the likes of Vai and Malmsteen and the dude’s only eighteen. Plus we’ll spin some great guitar tracks for you.

Find out more about Paul at
Tyler can be found on the web at


Episode 287 – Flotsam And Jetsam – Long known as the band Jason Newsted came from, Flotsam And Jetsam ( ) has continued to make great music and their latest S/T release on AFM Records proves that the fire is still there. Guitarist Steve Conley gave us a call and gave us an update on the band and the album. I also got the chance to talk with John Adams from Houston based Love N War ( ), another great band you need to know about.

Episode 286 – On A Mission – A couple of returning guests this week. First off we had the pleasure of talking with Michael Schenker ( ) again right before he heads off to do Michael Schenker Fest at Sweden Rock. We discuss guitars, the future, the past, and of course the great new Temple of Rock release “On A Mission. Live in Madrid”. Also back this week is Fang VonWrathenstein from Lords of The Trident ( ) giving us an update on all things LOTT. Track of the week Static Renegade is from the new release “Lost in The Volume” from past guest 3D in Your Face ( )


Episode 285 – Stick It – Making his third appearance on the show this week it’s Carmine Appice. Carmine just published his autobiography “Stick It!” and he came on to talk about it as well as other stuff he’s got going. Also this week we have Houston based Azrael’s Bane. They just did a nice rerelease of “Modern Day Babylon” and they are working on new stuff right now. I had the whole band on and we had a damn fine metal chat.
Keep up with Carmine at and find out more about Azrael’s Bane and get yourself a copy of “Modern Day Babylon” at
And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.


Episode 284 – Tramp – He’s back…recurring guest Tracy G returns this week to discuss many things including the new Tracy G Group release “Tramp”, the anniversary of “Angry Machines”, and other tales from the Dio days. We also talk about the oddness of lead singers and why Mike Beatty, the vocalist for the Tracy G Group, breaks the mould. You can score your own copy of “Tramp” and more great Tracy G music at


Episode 283 – Hanging With Jarvis – Richie hit the road and came back with two chats. First up is a talk he had with Jordan Rudess before DreamTheater’s Boston show for “The Astonishing” ( ). A few days later he spent some time before and after Night Demon’s Boston date on the Final Curse Tour talking with Jarvis Leatherby ( ).


Episode 282 – Wicked Maraya –
I guess the theme of this one is “comeback”. First up we’ll talk with Falco from Wicked Maraya ( a band we haven’t heard new music from since 1998. They just dropped “Lifetime in Hell” via Massacre Records and Falco will give us the rundown. Also this week we have special guest Lee Aaron ( She just released “Fire And Gasoline” and it’s her first “rock” record in quite a while. It might not be Metal Queen 2016 but it’s an honest take on where she is now.

Track of the week is off the second release from Lords of Black ( which contains 12 tracks of awesome metal goodness brought to us by Frontiers Records.


Episode 281 – Savage Master – It’s a triple threat of metal this week. First up is Stacey Savage from Kentucky’s own Savage Master ( Stacey will talk up their latest release “With Whips And Chains” and a lot more. After that we have bassist Chris Van from Outlaws and Moonshine ( a band that’s putting a bit of country into metal and vice versa. We wrap it up with a chat with everyone from Jessikill ( They just released a sampler EP ”Metal Knights” and for an EP it’s packed with great metal.

Track of the week comes off “Apocalypse Again” the latest release from Thunderstone ( as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.


Episode 280 – Master Creator – This week guitarist Flo Laurin returns to the show to give the story on the new release from Sinbreed ( “Master Creator”. Also this week we have Dr Danny Mann from Sorizon (, They just released “End of Entrapment” and Danny will tell us all about it.Track of the week comes to us direct from Italy from the band Rain ( off their latest “Spacepirates”


Episode 279 – Inglorious – Two great guest vocalists this week. First up is Nathan James from Inglorious ( ) followed by Heather Michele from Helion Prime ( ). Both bands have recently released the self titled debuts and we have the full story from both.

Track of the week is from Boston based band Versa Mynor


Episode 278 – Mike Howe Returns
Mike Howe has returned to Metal Church ( after 20 years and the result is the incredible Metal Church “XI” which was released on March 26th via Rat Pak Records ( We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Mike and get his take on this momentous occasion. Also this week we sat down with Brian Blake of US power metal outfit Eternal Voyager (
Track of the week is from AFM artist Human Fortress ( off their latest “Thieves of The Night”.


Episode 277 – Last in Line 2 – So back in ep 274 we spoke to Vivian Campbell about Last in Line and this week we hop on the line with Andrew Freeman to further expand on all things Last in Line ( We also had a brief chat with Michael Weikath from classic German metallers Helloween ( while they were on their brief US tour.


Episode 276 – Glenn Hughes – I think the title pretty much says it all. This week we welcome Glenn Hughes to the show. We dig into several topics including the Hall of Fame induction, the upcoming tour and more Glenn Hughes music on the way.

Episode 276 blog 350


Episode 275 – Harry James.  On tap this week is a discussion Richie did with Harry James, the rhythmic engine behind the UK bands Thunder, Magnum, and Snake Chamer. Also we do a bit of GnR discussion and throw in a track of the week from the new self titled release by Sarasin.

Episode 275 blog350


Episode 274 – Last in Line – Vivian Campbell joins us this week to talk about “Heavy Crown” the debut release from Last in Line ( Also this week we chat with The Metal Warrior Rayman James bassist and founder of midwest power metal band Malice (

Episode 274 blog 350


Episode 273 – Angerhead & Flames of Fury
We are featuring two great bands this week. First up we talk with Paul Hastey from West coast thrashers Angerhead ( then we swing over to the east coast to talk with Angelica Valkyrie from New York’s own Flames of Fury (

Episode 273 blog 350

Episode 272 – Shadow King 25
One of Richie’s favorite albums, the self titled (and only) release from Shadow King, turns 25 this year. To mark that milestone he talked drummer Kevin Valentine into making an appearance on the show. After Shadow King Kevin went on to work with Cinderella and Donnie Iris as well as some uncredited work with KISS. Also this week we have a bit of discussion on some new metal releases.

Episode 272 web 350

Episode 271 – Sean Peck returns to Focus on Metal this week and talks about making “Satan’s Tomb” with Denner/Shermann ( Death Dealer’s sophomore effort “Hallowed Ground” (, and of course Cage and their latest masterpiece “Ancient Evil” (
Track of the week is from Frontiers artist Inglorious ( from their S/T debut.
And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

Episode 271 bloga

Episode 270 – JB Frank
This week Richie goes solo as he chats with bassist JB Frank from Kingdom Come. JB dropped by to talk with Richie about all things Kingdom Come including the early days and what’s in store for the future,
Track of the week is from the new one from AFM artist Brainstorm, “Scary Creatures” (
And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

Episode 270 bloga

Episode 269 – Primal Shakra – We have two guests this week. First up Ralf Scheepers makes a return appearance on the show to promote the latest release from Primal Fear, “Rulebreaker”. After that Mark Fox the vocalist from Shakra comes aboard to give us the details on his bands brand new one “High Noon”. Find Primal Fear at and find Shakra on Facebook

Track of the week is the title track from Rhapsody of Fire’s latest release “Into The Legend”.

Episode 269 blog

 Episode 268 – This week we go back to a behind the scenes guy, the very important Ron “Obvious” Vermeulen. Ron was deeply involved in making Little Mountain the powerhouse it became and almost everyone we talk to says we have to talk with this guy so, we did. Ron’s still active in music and you can track him down at

Focus On Metal – Episode 268 by Platinum Rock Radio on Mixcloud


Episode 267 – On tap this week is an exclusive interview with bassist Sean McNabb. Besides his gig in Lynch Mob Sean is also part of the new band Resurrection Kings which just put out their S/T debut on Frontiers Records. Looking for more info, hit up Resurrection Kings on Facebook ( and keep up with Sean on Twitter ( Track of the week is from Rulebreaker, the latest release from metal legends Primal Fear.And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.


Focus On Metal with Resurrection Kings Jan 24th 2016 by Platinum Rock Radio on Mixcloud


Episode 266 – Voodoo Circle

Returning once again to Focus on Metal is guitarist Alex Beyrodt. Alex is well known as one of the guitarists in German metal powerhouse Primal Fear but he also keeps busy doing other projects including his long standing band Voodoo Circle. Voodoo Circle just released their fourth studio album “Whiskey Fingers” via AFM Records and this week we get the lowdown on it. You can immerse yourself in the work of Voodoo Circle at Also this week we engage in a bit of discussion and pay our respects to the legendary Lemmy Kilmister. For those interested there’s an official condolence page on Facebook

Focus On Metal Episode 266 with Voodoo Circle – 17th January 2016 by Platinum Rock Radio on Mixcloud

Episode 265 – I thought we would start 2016 with another music discovery episode and what better way to do that than to feature some great bands from the compilation disc “Metal of Oz” we did late last year with Online Metal Promotions and Maric Media. So this week we have fifteen great tracks off that compilation for you to check out as well as an extra bonus track that’s not on there but I just felt like spinning it. Big thanks to Ben over at OMP and Chris Maric from Maric Media for bringing this all together. If you want to download your own free copy of the disc head to and click the big banner ad or go to and click the ad in the right hand pane.

Focus On Metal Episode 265 by Platinum Rock Radio on Mixcloud

CATS IN SPACE – Platinum Recommended