DPRP Progressive Rock Show

DPRP DPRP Progressive Rock Radio has been broadcasting since 2011, bringing you the best modern progressive music from around the world. Each show is available here as both a stream and download. All updates will be posted on the show’s Facebook page and on DPRP.net. You can also subscribe using the RSS feed. We are always happy to hear from any artists that would like to be featured on the show. Happy listening. Andy Read.

Show #148. First broadcast on 7th April 2016. Running time 61 minutes.

The show returns with a great mix of current and classic progressive music from around the world – all wrapped up by the dulcet tones of Mr Andy Read! What more could your radio require?

Playlist: Rush – 2112 (Overture); Oceans of Slumber – Knights in White Satin; Caligula’s Horse – Bloom; Lion Shepherd – Lights Out; Iamthemorning – lighthouse; IOEarth – Redemption; Bruce Soord – Black Smoke; Cryptex – When The Flood Begins; Redemption – Damaged; Frequency Drift– Diary; The Sines – Slipping Away

CATS IN SPACE – Platinum Recommended